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Cheri Poppinz

 Cheri Poppinz is the cheeky alter ego of Rhiannon Roze, the world renown DJ, producer, and performer.  She writes and records her own lyrics and produces her own tracks from start to finish, mixing and mastering included.  She produces her own music videos too.  They are published on Rhiannon's YouTube channel which has over 10,000 subscribers and over 1 million organic views.
Cheri Poppinz is an outlet for Rhiannon's more controversial content.  She writes and raps about socio-political themes including sexuality, gender roles, and the entertainment industry.  There are undertones of feminist satire present in both her lyrics and music videos.  Cheri Poppinz is an advocate of taboo-breaking, self-expression, self-exploration, and not taking yourself seriously.  As a volunteer therapist and healing facilitator, she has plenty of exposure to and compassion for the sufferings of her fellow human beings.  Her favorite remedies are music, laughter, empowerment, and healing through comprehension.
Cheri Poppinz officially launched with her 2018 release, Chupa, a collaboration with Smoothies, the Italian moombahton kings.  Chupa was released on Sak Noel's record label, Barnaton.  Her next release will be an original debut track called Pop It Right for which she is currently filming a music video.  She will also be releasing an EP called The Naughty which is a collection of the first tracks that she wrote, recorded, and featured in her music videos between 2012 and 2014 - for those loyal fans who keep asking for them!
In The Beginning...
For a 100% independent artist with only a couple years under her studio belt, Rhiannon received a ton of acclaim for her early writings and vocal work back in 2012.  Her very first single Nasty Chick was played on radio stations throughout the world and remixed by dozens of producers.  Tyco's Electro House Remix rose to #1 on trackitdown.net and stayed there for over two weeks.  It also climbed to #33 on the Beatport Top 100 Chart.  Clinton Sparks made a Trap Remix of Nasty Chick with an accompanying music video remix by the #1 DVDJ in the world which premiered on Noisey, VICE's music channel.  Her second single  All The Girls Do It was remixed by David A, Lemonade Thirst was remixed by Kastra, and Whiskey & Pantyhose was remixed by Klaas.  The music video for All The Girls Do It has almost 500,000 organic views and her other music videos aren't far behind.  Drop it Like A Bomb premiered on Two In The Shirt, Worldstar Hip Hop, and All Hip Hop.com.  That music video features the celebrity legend Ron Jeremy.  Check out her music videos below and subscribe to Rhiannon's YouTube channel so you don't miss out on any more action!

New Music Coming Soon!

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